In our catalog of exterior and interior decoration, we have a very wide range of products that claim to meet the needs and demands of our customers. For the outer walls we dispose to paints with a very high durability, excellent performance (ULTRACRIL), high resistance to inclement weather as well as a wide range of colors (IBERCRIL). In addition, IBERSA has a product line with excellent washability (ACROVINÍLICA F-50), indicated for indoor and outdoor.

Likewise, in the field of anti mildew activity IBERSA offers to the customers  specially developed treatments for the prevention of growth against strains of algae and fungi (DUAL SYSTEM and B 120).

In the products for building sites, DULIMAX series (M-100, XM-20, XM-40 and M-500) stands out for its good performance on new construction, providing excellent coverage and good whiteness. IBERSON PLUS is a product developed especially for this type of work - great washability and good coverage – and can be mixed with our water based DULICOLOR dyes.

In our network of stores we also sell a wide range of decorative enamels such as synthetic IBEREX, FERRIBER effect forging and IBERLAC or MARTELE satin lacquer.

In the same manner IBERSA has developed high technology products to cope with the harshest weather conditions, that serve as a barrier against moisture on mortar, concrete, cement, wood, tile, etc..

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Specially designed for horizontal surfaces, we dispose to TECH-LON - a product endowed with exceptional adhesion and water resistance, particularly suitable for use on balconies and rooftops.

For vertical surfaces, IBERSA recently developed two new products - PLAVICON and TECHA ELASTIC. It is specially designed for the waterproofing of facades. With its great breathability and extreme elasticity, it gives a perfect great adaptability to cracks and expansions. And thanks to its low tending to get dirty it can also be used as decorating front.